Switching safely, managing in a controlled manner, connecting in an innovative way
Decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of electronic components and electrical systems make us a valued service provider for the switching and control technology. In addition to our expertise, we provide you with our economic production equipment for switches, circuit board assembly, cable assembly and machine manufacturing of individual wire bridges.

Our services to you are individually scalable: from product development through prototype to cost-effective small scale to large scale production.
From prototype through cost-effective small scale to large scale production
Product development and optimization for greater profitability
Electronic and electrical parts, components, and total concepts
Industry solutions: we are not only masters of our profession; we also know the key challenges of your industry. We offer special solutions for hydraulic, machine and plant construction, medical technology, fluid media, suction and air technology, refrigeration and air conditioning, test equipment, etc.
Our solutions for the control of your plants and machines are not only precisely designed for you – they are also extremely economical in production and operation.
If electrical engineering is combined with electronics, it produces visionary, efficient and economical solutions for the switching and control units of your products.

Through our electronics know-how, we can integrate any control and protocol parameter into conventional electro-technical control systems. Error code key and bus systems ensure simple and economical maintenance options, also online. This saves you customer service costs and makes you more competitive.

Where it shall be purposeful, we will employ our electro-technical components – this way, we will keep the development, manufacturing and operating cost of your switching and control solutions manageable and immediately noticeably improve your income return.
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