Be it switches or complex control units: in everything we do, we have passion for customer satisfaction, safety and quality!
Customer orientation, fairness and quality are not just slogans for us, but they are part of our daily life. Be it product development or cost-effective small scale production, be it switch, control switch, emergency push-button, individually bent wire bridge, switching consoles, cable assembly, control units, cabinets, block switches, changeover contactors or reversing contactors, circuit boards or LED lighting system - whatever we do, we do it with passion, with a distinctive quality awareness and an uncompromising value orientation.
Our guiding principles
1. Supplier and customer are both responsible for the future. We can only meet this if we have clarity about the consequences of our current work and search for solutions to the problems or for new ways in a timely manner.

2. We want to accept challenges, set standards and contribute to the success of our customers through our contribution as a service provider. Through technical expertise, we want to ensure a low-cost, quick and flexible order execution in the manufacturing of control units for our customers.

3. We want to use good ideas of our employees, suggestions of our customers and our suppliers’ recommendations to achieve optimal manufacturing processes in the areas of switching devices, control switch and electronics components.

4. Through the motivation of our employees and continuous improvement, constant checks, meaningful intermediate and final tests, we achieve a high level of quality of manufactured products.

5. We are committed to the well-being of our employees, suppliers and customers; we show and require understanding and respect in dealing with each other. We attach importance to a long-standing personal relationship with customers, suppliers and business partners, while we require openness, fairness and mutual trust.
Our quality guarantee
Uncompromising precision
Whosoever offers a very extensive services such as we do, must master safely and precisely every process and every step of production. In our company, one gear wheel fits perfectly into another like clockwork mechanism. The perfect interaction of motivated and competent employees does not only distinguish our company, but it is a vital part of our company philosophy.

Certification and safety checks
The quality management of our large manufacturing operations in Bad Bergzabern is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and complies with all European quality standards. Furthermore, we perform additional extensive safety checks of our electronic components, because we want to ensure product safety for you, our customers.

All safety-relevant components and assemblies are subject to a 100% check within our production process. Among other things, force/displacement measurements, voltage, current and resistance measurements as well as mechanical tests are carried out. Components that do not pass these tests 100% are automatically sorted out.

We document our quality control continuously in order to ensure and improve quality. The same applies to us: "Anyone who stops improving has stopped being good."
From prototype through cost-effective small scale to large scale production.
Product development and optimization for greater profitability
Over 30 years of experience
Parts, components, and total concepts
Renowned customers
Industry solutions: We are not only masters of our profession; we also know the key challenges of your industry. We offer special solutions for hydraulic, machines and plant construction, medical technology, fluid media, suction and air technology, refrigeration and air conditioning as well as solutions for testing technology.