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Economic solutions
K + B hydraulic control units for automatic climbing formwork in structural engineering
Automatic climbing formworks provide fast and economical construction of skyscrapers and bridge pillars. For the building to grow faster and taller, the built-in hydraulic drives must be reliably controlled. The K + B components are designed for that purpose.
Economic solutions
Clean results and economical operation with K + B control systems
With Nilfisk SB-washing facilities, K + B control units coordinate the washing processes, code entry or coin-slot facilities and monitor the fluid levels and the washing operation.
Economic solutions
In construction machines and technical systems that operate in environments with high pollution, heavy duty wiring harnesses with K + B firm cable protection conduit ensure safe supply of healthy breathing air.
Economic solutions
Moving heavy loads safely –with K + B control switches
Economic solutions
Development of control system and flexible wiring for remote-controlled tracked vehicles
For NIKO tracked vehicles, K + B Electronic develops a control system and a completely new cabling for the connection of the flexible cutter bar to the remote controlled tracked vehicles.
Wirtschaftliche Lösungen
Hydraulik-Steuerelemente von K+B für Kletter-Schalungen im Brücken und Hochhausbau
Kletterschalungen sorgen für den schnellen und wirtschaftliche Bau von Hochhäusern und Brückenpfeilern. Damit die Gebäude nicht nur schnell sondern auch gerade in die Höhe wachsen, müssen die Hydraulikantriebe der Schalungen exakt aufeinander abgestimmt sein. Dafür sorgen Steuerelemente von K+B Electronic
Wirtschaftliche Lösungen
Schwere Lasten sicher bewegen – mit Steuerschaltern von K+B
Wirtschaftliche Lösungen
Entwicklung der Steuerung und der flexiblen Kabelbäume für ferngesteuerte Raupenfahrzeuge
Wirtschaftliche Lösungen
Bei den Waschanlagen von Nilfisk Wap koordinieren Steuereinheiten von K+B die Waschvorgänge
Perfect synergies
We combine electronics and electrical engineering for economic control solutions
Through our electronics know-how, we can integrate any control and protocol parameter into conventional electro-technical control systems. Error code key and bus systems ensure simple and economical maintenance capabilities. Where it shall be purposeful, we will employ our electro-technical components – this way we will maintain the development, manufacturing and operating cost of your switching and control solutions.
Electrical engineering know-how: Electro-technical components such as transformers, switches and contactors from our factory in Bad Bergzabern are for economical production and operation
Electronics know-how:
Board design and manufacturing in our development department at Schelklingen allows small scale production
LED lighting solutions
LED lighting solutions
Healthy light for all areas of your company
LED lighting solutions
Healthy and energy-efficient light for offices, corridors and stairwells, production, warehouses and merchandise presentation
With our new LED lighting system, KB SILVERLINE.PRO we cover all lighting requirements of your company: From management to production and storage, our system brings the required light intensity and color temperature in traffic areas and working places. It is elegant in design, thoughtfully designed and 'Made in Germany'Learn more
Industrial lighting
Corridor and staircase lighting
Office lighting
Construction of special lights
Retail lighting
Workplace lighting
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